Sunday, May 22, 2011

Are You Ready For The Summer?

As I type this, it is a rainy and gloomy Sunday afternoon.  We are working on a patio this weekend, hopeful that the summer-like weather will eventually show up.  It is still only spring here but it’s been a cool, rainy one here in New England.   The boys are out getting some vinyl rain gutters to install on the overhang that is above the future patio so I have a few minutes to myself.  I decided to take a peek at an email I received this past week from Good Guide about sunscreens.  I wanted to take a look to see what we had from last year so I can see if it’s still on the list at Good Guide and to see if I need to pick some up when I run out later for the few random sunny days Mother Nature is granting us.

I received a similar email last year and took quite a look at it.  During the summer we slather ourselves with sunscreens and it made sense to take a good look at exactly what it is we are covering our bodies with all summer long.  As I took a look at the list I was at first discouraged.  A lot of the brands were not readily available local and were expensive when I searched for them to order online.

However, there was some hopeful news as I scrolled down the list some more.  Neutrogena and Coppertone were on the list after some of the ones that just were not going to happen for us.  Last year we ended up buying Coppertone.  For the price and availability, it made the most sense for us.  I think we will be using up the last of the Coppertone we have from last year and I will check out the Neutrogena at BJ’s Warehouse Club when I go next time.  I noticed that BJ’s had Neutrogena last time I was there but it hadn’t even crossed my mind to pick some up with how cool and rainy it’s been.  I want to check prices as well.  Even though the Neutrogena is in a club pack at BJ's, it may still not be less expensive than Coppertone at a discount store.  The overall rating at Good Guide is so close between the two brands that I will end up buying what is less expensive.    

Here’s the link for Good Guide.  If you have some time, take a look around at the other areas of the site.  I found it quite interesting to look up some of the things that we use.  I will be doing another post in the future on taking the conscious idea outside of the kitchen and looking at what we use to clean our houses. For now though, at least poke around this sight and see what you think about the sunscreen you typically use and see if maybe you can make a healthier choice for yourself and your family.  We all know not using sunscreen at all is dangerous in and of itself but if we can make a more conscious choice about the chemicals we apply to avoid one problem, we can possibly prevent other problems down the line at the same time!

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